Sunday, April 12, 2015

Costume Directions

Opening Scene - TBA

Crew in 9 to 5 and Scene 5
All will need to get their own black pants and black shoes.  Black t-shirts will be provided.

Song #1 Good Morning, Good Morning
Women to get their own skirts and tops, neutrals with morning colors

Song #2 Singing in the Rain
Phil & Richard - Getting own slacks, shirt, and hat with a Gene Kelly flair                                  
Women will have raincoats which will be provided

Songs #3-6  Four Greats
All getting their own take on "Country" dresses in gold, white, coral, yellow, plum, or ivory tones

#7 A Man of Constant Sorrow/In the Jailhouse Now
All to get their own overalls or "dust bowl" "O Brother Where Art Thou" type clothing in neutral tones                                                                                                                                                                                             #8 Thoroughly Modern Millie                                                                                                                               
Dresses and hats being made
Girls to get their own heeled shoes, hosiery, and full slip

#9 Blue Moon
Boys to wear their own khakis/chinos with a button up shirt, black or dark colored suit coat, and dark shoes.
Think Richie Cunningham from Happy Days

#10 Rock Around the Clock
Girls to get their own 50s clothing.  We have a few skirts available.  Colors should be spring tones not too bright.  Girls should also have flat shoes they can dance in.
Boys from Blue Moon should have a letterman sweater or leather coat or something to change them.
Men in the band and singing dark suits, white shirts with spring tone colored ties, and dark shoes.

#11 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Kids getting their own simple versions of the Wizard of Oz character's costumes:  Clara - Glenda the Good Witch, Libbie - Dorothy, Riley - Toto, September - Scarecrow, Eliza - Tin Man, Sophie - Lion

#12  Ease on Down the Road
Wizard of Oz characters stay in their costumes
Primary kids need to get their own solid color (no print or logos) shirt in a bright color, funky socks of any kind, and tennis shoes.
Yellow terry cloth shorts will be provided.   
YW backup singers to wear their Dancing Queen costume                                    

#14 Dancing Queen
They will need to build mostly on their own with some help
Bright colors – all the colors used throughout the show
Men need solid knee shorts

#13 Cup Song
Same as Dancing Queen
#15  I See the Light
Marie - dress provided, will need own shoes
Kyle - vest over top provided, will need to wear own khaki pants, low cuffed boots would be great if he can find anything like that
Kids and adults TBA
#16 Man or Muppet
All will need to wear their own black slacks, white shirt, black suit coat, and black shoes
Muppet heads will be provided as well as red bow ties                                                                                                                                                                          
#17 Step in Time
All youth and Brad will need black or charcoal pants/leggings and tops and dark shoes or boots.  Dark newsboy type hats would be great if anybody has one or something like it.
Black pullover vests provided.
Melanie Lyons to wear own skirt, top, jacket, and boot type shoe.  Hat provided
Riley - Neutral tone newsboy type pants with white shirt, maybe a vest, socks and church type shoes he can dance in.
Brooklyn - Soft purple or lavender or plum colored church dress with tights and shoes she can dance in.

#18 Footloose
one of your previous costumes 

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